Project 3. Exercise 2 Composition – an interior

I decided to focus on a corner with an armchair and window. I liked the negative space and light. This was my sketch from the previous exercise.


I looked at the area from a few angles using landscape and portrait. I liked the first sketch below best because it seemed the most dynamic and balanced.



In retrospect I could probably have tried more angles, however, I felt the first sketch was quite strong and each subsequent sketch was weaker so I decided to go with the arrangement I liked.


Project 3. Exercise 3 Material differences

I haven’t felt as inspired by drawing interiors as the other sections I have completed.  I think it’s partly laziness as interiors seem to demand a lot more focus and making more choices than still life.

I took ideas from the sketches I’ve done around the house to inform  the final piece. I worked in pastel because I have liked the slightly odd, fuzzy and dreamlike quality it gave to previous sketches.

The paper was a sheet I already had and had a texture which affected how the pastel went on. I took advantage of this by leaving the texture exposed on the chair which had a slightly rough fabric while rubbing in the pastel on the smoother areas such as the walls and curtains.

I wanted the picture to look like someone had just left. The person from the chair who left behind a squashed cushion and the newspaper, and the child who had been playing with a toy on the window sill.
Generally I am pleased with how this picture has turned out. I did debate whether to collage an actual newspaper then draw over it but couldn’t get it to look effective – I decided it was something I needed to explore in my sketchbook.

I am slightly concerned that I am not being experimental enough with my media so this is something I’m going to look at in my sketchbook.

Additional note: I have just come across a discussion on the Drawing 1 email list (an email to this list goes to everyone on the course). A discussion sprang up about what is a drawing and what is a painting. A pastel can be a painting if it doesn’t contain the mark-making inherent in a drawing. Work with paint can be a drawing if it does contain mark-making So, is my work above a drawing or a painting?

Project 3 Exercise 1 Quick sketches around the house

This exercise tackled quick sketches around the house. I enjoyed experimenting with and without a viewfinder which I found made a big difference in how I drew and how I composed an image. While the sketches with a viewfinder were tighter, without it, the sketches became more exploratory. With the viewfinder I was drawn to abstraction but I think the final images are less interesting when this happens.

I enjoyed using colour in some of the sketches.

I’m not completely sure which view I’ll use in my next composition. Either the ball point pen sketch of the chair and curtain or the colourful bedroom corner. I think the former is a simpler image which will make it easier to explore the different angles and viewpoints in the next exercise.


A quick pencil sketch with a viewfinder. I extended the space for the image upwards when my proportions went wrong!
Ballpoint pen. I like the curved shapes of the curtain and chair making curved negative space on the wall. I also like the way the window, chair and stool go off the edge of the page.
Pencil and pastel. I like the blurry edges and the source of light in the picture. The colour is a bit bottom heavy


A found abstract image showing the top of the TV and the corner where two walls join.
This sketch was done without a viewfinder and carried outwards from the chair in the top left hand corner. As I drew, my eye moved around the area focusing on different areas. I find with a viewfinder I tend to close one eye and “hold” the fixed image, without it, the picture grows more organically.
This sketch used pencil to outline general areas of shade, then I drew over with colourful sharpie pens. I left some areas without colour because they were white so showed in shades of grey. This is my son’s bedroom and I enjoyed drawing the brighter colours in this room. I used a viewfinder.
Another quite abstract image. It was very hard to get the very simple proportions right. It might be more abstract and a stronger image if I cropped the top of the picture off.
A cropped version of the previous sketch. I don’t think it’s an interesting image