Still life. Exercise 3. Experiment with mixed media 

I used an old canvas as a base for this picture.  It was a photo canvas with a picture of a rose which I bought in a charity shop as part of a series of works over-painting photo canvases. I had previously painted the whole canvas with a thin translucent wash of white acrylic, then divided it into a grid and started painting the grid in colours related to the original picture. I had given up on the canvas as I felt it wasn’t working. For this exercise I took the canvas and drew straight onto it using Sharpie pens. I found a silver Sharpie was the only thing which blocked out some of the darker underpinning which lent an interesting shimmer to the image.

I like the odd background tones and the grid. The picture is very experimental and the tile, pot and plant aren’t anchored in any space which is a weakness. However, as an exploration of mark-making using sharpie pens on a worked on canvas, I think it is interesting.

I like the monochrome pot and the colourful plant. I will explore more monochrome work with some colour. This has already appealed to me in other artists’ work such as Morandi and Willem Claesz Heda.