Part 3. Project 1. Exercise 3. Study of several trees

I did this drawing using Inktense watercolour pencils. I took photos of the woodland and then drew from the one I liked best. All my drawing was done indoors from a photo as it was too cold to sit outside. I tried to summon up the feeling of looking into the woodland as I drew.
The drawing is on A3 paper but I drew a new page onto this as it is proportionately longer compared to standard proportions.

I drew on thick watercolour paper which was good for tolerating the use of water.

The drawing took about 5 hours. I wanted to experiment with the colour pencils as I haven’t had a lot of experience drawing in colour at all and especially with these pencils.

I like the quite vigorous pencil marks in the drawing. Drawing into water created especially intense, dark, strong marks.

I think the composition is quite interesting with the slope of the ground and the deep shadow forming a triangle behind it.

One thing I don’t like about the pencils is it is hard to rub out or lift the colour.  The shadow in the foreground is slightly too dark but I couldn’t change this.

If I did this exercise again I would do some quick sketches to explore composition and tone before deciding on the final composition.  I’d also like to think about how to produce a satisfactory drawing in less than 5 hours!