Part 3. Project 1. Exercise 3. Study of several trees

I did this drawing using Inktense watercolour pencils. I took photos of the woodland and then drew from the one I liked best. All my drawing was done indoors from a photo as it was too cold to sit outside. I tried to summon up the feeling of looking into the woodland as I drew.
The drawing is on A3 paper but I drew a new page onto this as it is proportionately longer compared to standard proportions.

I drew on thick watercolour paper which was good for tolerating the use of water.

The drawing took about 5 hours. I wanted to experiment with the colour pencils as I haven’t had a lot of experience drawing in colour at all and especially with these pencils.

I like the quite vigorous pencil marks in the drawing. Drawing into water created especially intense, dark, strong marks.

I think the composition is quite interesting with the slope of the ground and the deep shadow forming a triangle behind it.

One thing I don’t like about the pencils is it is hard to rub out or lift the colour.  The shadow in the foreground is slightly too dark but I couldn’t change this.

If I did this exercise again I would do some quick sketches to explore composition and tone before deciding on the final composition.  I’d also like to think about how to produce a satisfactory drawing in less than 5 hours!


Part 3. Project 1. Exercise 2. Larger observational study of an individual tree

I enjoyed doing this drawing with a drawing pen. I drew over two days and the first day was overcast while the second was sunny. The drawing on an overcast day was almost in silhouette. The bright grey sky and lack of direct sunlight made any tone or texture difficult to see. In contrast, on the sunny day with the sun falling from the left the trunk and branches were much more clearly defined.

The instructions were to spend an hour on the drawing but I probably spent at least 3. It felt like I was doing a portrait of an individual tree so I wanted to get each branch right.

Part 3. Expanse. Exercise 1. Sketching individual trees

Due to cold weather I chose to sit indoors but sketch a tree out of the window. A large sycamore tree. As it is winter there were no leaves to sketch but the twigs formed a textural contrast to the larger branches. It was very useful to do these sketches which helped me look at the proportions and bulk of a massive tree. However much I was trying to draw proportionately within the page the edge of the tree went over the edge. I decided in my next drawing to start much smaller than I thought I needed.

Draw a simple outline of the tree’s overall shape