Exercise 3. A limited palette study

I enjoyed the limited palette which reduced the number of decisions I had to make. I used coloured pencils. On reflection, the picture would have been more balanced  and better compositionally if I had drawn in the houses to the left of the central building. I would have preferred to get the perspective on the roof of the central building correct!


Project 5. Exercise 2. Study of a townscape using line

I sat in the window of a coffee shop to do these drawings. There was an overwhelming amount of “stuff” to draw. At the moment, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m just drawing and drawing and hoping something will make me think – “Oh! That’s what I’m interested in!”

I like the last two pictures – the odd rolling drawing of the High Street and the detail of the lamp post.

While I was drawing, the owner of the coffee shop came over and said he had taken over a micro-brewery in the town and wanted some drawings of town landmarks for the beer bottle labels – my drawings were the sort of thing he was after! He said he’d be in touch so we’ll see.

townscape 11

I collaged all the drawings (copies) I did in this exercise. I’m interested in how we reflect the nature of looking through art, focusing on some detail and seeing general views. Collaging might be a way to reflect this.

Project 5. Exercise 1 Sketchbook of townscape drawings

I started with some quick sketches then focused on a longer drawing using graphite and coloured pencils. While I tried to get the tonal variations I don’t think there is enough contrast in the final drawing.

I enjoyed drawing the chimneyscape.

I’m finding it very difficult to reflect on the exercises at the moment.