Part 3. Project 2. Exercise 2. Sketchbook walk

I enjoyed the sketchbook walk but due to it being cold I only did the first sketch outside. For the other two I took photos and sketched quickly indoors. This also allowed me to chose a variety of media I wouldn’t necessarily carry on a walk.

I am fascinated by this tumble down barn. The curved corrugated iron roof has fallen in creating an unusual shape in the landscape. I intend to return and sketch this barn from a number of viewpoints
This tree and the surrounding landscape were tonally extremely dark against the very bright sky.
I like the angle looking down into the bridge arch. I have noticed I am attracted to a very tonally dark point in the landscape be it a doorway, an arch or a tree against a bright sky.

I have noticed that I tend to focus on a central dark point. Is this a weakness? I will explore different viewpoints in future sketches but maybe I need to look at where other artists place very dark points in the landscape.

To do:

  • look at other artists’ approach to tone in landscape
  • sketch the field barn from different viewpoints.