Drawing 1. Warm up

Drawing into condensation
“colouring in” shapes made by tree roots

Warm up – temporary drawings

For this exercise I experimented with drawing into condensation on a window. I traced the scene outside the window. I filmed my hand moving but didn’t want to say anything. I photographed the result – the photographs didn’t show up the drawing. It would have been better to have a piece of paper behind the drawing to make it stand out clearly but I didn’t have one as we were away from home.

Then on a family walk I filled in the spaces created by criss-crossing tree roots with leaves and stones. My daughter Grace asked why this was drawing. I had to think about this. I take it on trust that as the Drawing 1 handbook says on p16: “Drawing is essentially about leaving your mark….Drawing from their environment, artists observe and reveal parts of their world in different and interesting ways. Drawing in this sense is perhaps more about curiosity, noticing and pointing out what already exists rather than creating something new, and so might be thought of as drawing attention to..” 

I’d have liked to do a whole section so it was like a carpet. It was quite satisfying to see people walking over the work and not noticing it was there.