Review of work for exercises 2 & 3

Looking back at exercise 2, it looks very basic. I was finding charcoal difficult to work with. I have been trying hard to get away from drawing outlines of objects and instead focus on ways to depict objects using areas of tone. This has been very challenging. I felt exercise 3 gave me an opportunity to experiment with media and I thought my final drawing of the three objects was getting towards depicting tone rather than line.

I wanted to spend more time on each of these exercises but I also want to progress through the project.

To support my drawing practice I have also been working on a project to draw a table near our front door which accumulates objects through the day. Each morning I try to draw the table in about 15 minutes. There are usually a lot of objects but I try my best using different media. Then I clear the table ready for the next found still life. I think this will help my drawing skills and am trying not to feel too disheartened about how bad some of these sketches are!