Project 2. Exercise 4. Shadows and reflected light

I used A2 paper which is the largest drawing board I have. I tried to draw as large as I could – I’m getting up to about half the paper used!

In the first drawing (left) I had my usual battle with accuracy and charcoal. I tried not to draw a line, just to draw areas of tone. I thought the reflections on the coffee pot worked well. The depiction of the handle was difficult as there wasn’t much contrast in tone between parts of the handle and the body of the pot. I found it harder to depict the surface of the white china cup which was glossy but not as reflective as the coffee pot. In the second image (right) I tried to make the image cover more of the A2 paper. In doing this I lost the proportions of the cup and coffee pot. I also was getting tired and finding it hard to concentrate.

I liked the gap between the cup and the pot.

I didn’t really look at composition in this exercise. I could have made it visually more satisfying (because the tones would be less confusing) and also easier to draw if I’d set it up with greater contrast in some areas.