Project 2. Exercise 3 Creating shadow using lines and marks

I enjoyed these exercises. I found again that repeated drawing lets you get to know a subject.

In the single object drawing, the vase was handmade and had a slightly bumpy surface and the glaze was also varied in tone so there was a lot to think about in the drawing.


1) The first picture in pencil doesn’t really get to grips with the depth of tone on the vase

2) The second one in ballpoint pen gives a better reflection of the range of tones. I liked using the dark cross hatching behind the vase to give shape to the vase.

3) I used a drawing pen and tried drawing in squiggles which made the vase look a bit hairy. I went over it with lines to give the vase more shape. I like the solidity this technique gives to the vase.

4) With the dip pen and ink, I used long loops to make the shape of the vase and a small amount of line for the shadow. I liked the way the two lines for the table top and the slight  shading on the vase’s shadow created a sense of space. It was quite cartoony.

In the second part of the exercise I grouped a cup, a lemon and a vase. I tried different compositions and photographed them but went back to my original composition. I debated whether  to include the light in the drawing but decided it didn’t work because it was too far away from the other objects.

I found this exercise incredibly difficult. I chose to make it hard for myself. All the objects are different colours and textures. I chose to use pen and ink because I wanted to try to be a bit freer with my drawing but I find using it a struggle. I drew the arrangement twice. I struggled especially with the mug which had no texture, only reflections and shading. I think my second attempt was better because it was much looser. I also like the second attempt at the vase better. The proportions are more accurate and again, the looser marks seem to reflect the glossy finish better. While I enjoyed doing the dark background in the first picture, I’m not sure it adds anything to the finished image. I tried very hard not to draw a line to define the shadows. I find I automatically draw a line to outline a change of tone so I am working hard to find other ways to do this.