Project 2. Exercise 2. Observing shadow using blocks of tone

I found this exercise quite frustrating because I wasn’t completely in control of the charcoal I used. Sometimes I tried to put down a light shadow and it came out darker than I wanted. I found it impossible to leave in highlights. I tried to lift it off with a brush but it didn’t go as white as I wanted. I also found it hard to accurately represent the shape of the objects. However, I enjoyed using the charcoal to lay down a dark background to the objects – drawing the negative space first.

I did 4 drawings. The first two were getting to grips with the arrangement and the charcoal. I changed the background from a pale tablecloth to a  piece of black card in the second image which helped me draw the negative space round the objects.

images 1 & 2. 

I like the third drawing which was slightly more abstract. The objects seem to have a relationship and I think it captures the fall of light and shade better.

image 3 is more abstract

I was working on A2 paper and as usual my images didn’t fill the page. In the last piece I tried to work on a larger scale. I found I was again frustrated with controlling the charcoal to make an accurate drawing. I think if I carried on drawing the same image at A2 scale I would get better at this.

image 4. drawing big needs more practice!