Project 2 Exercise 1 Groups of objects

I wanted to use this exercise to explore composition as well as forms and negative space as this is an area I struggle with. I took the time to draw thumbnail sketches and take photographs of compositions of objects.

thumbnail sketches to explore composition


after seeing this photo, I decided to turn the butter round so the wrapper led the eye back into the picture

I did think the final composition was unbalanced in colour but as I was drawing in one colour this was irrelevant. I wasn’t very sure how to indicate tone without going into Exercise 2 (Observing shadow using blocks of tone). I decided to outline each shadow and highlight in pencil.

I focused on  the shapes of the shadow, highlights, negative space as well as the shape of the object.


I drew the jam jar in more detail separately as the proportions were a bit off in this drawing.project-2-exercise-1-jam-jar

I enjoyed the exercise. Focusing on the shapes of the shadows and highlights as well as the negative space helped me really look at the objects and composition. I drew on an A2 sheet and my main drawing only took up about a quarter of the total space. I find it hard to draw big.