Part 4. Project 6. Exercise 2. Your own head.

For this exercise I did some preliminary drawings. I was interested in how the reflection is framed by the mirror.


Fig. 1. preliminary sketches
Fig. 2 preliminary sketches


Fig. 3. Self portrait. 4b pencil on A4 paper.

Fig. 3. I like this drawing. The different textures of the skin, hair and the shirt work well and I like how the frame of the mirror works within the frame of the page.

Fig. 4. Self portrait. Chalk pastel and charcoal on watercolour paper

Fig. 4. I’m not keen on this picture because I look at bit like a crazy drunk. I wanted to push my face close to the mirror but this distorted how I could see and measure my face. Cropping the picture actually makes it more effective  (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Self portrait cropped.