Part 4. Project 5. Exercises 1. Single moving figure and 2. Groups of figures.

In these exercises I sat in the window of a local coffee shop and drew people walking along the pavement outside. Sometimes there were single figures and sometimes groups so I have put these exercises together.

I started using a drawing pen but then found a pencil seemed to create a quicker, more lively drawing. On this page I also drew the figures smaller which meant I could get the whole figure down in the short time I had to do the drawing.






Part 4. Project 5. Research point. Compare Richard Hambleton “Osaka” and David Haines “Balance Sneakers vs KFC Bucket

Fig. 1 Osaka, 1981, Richard Hambleton
Fig. 2. New Balance Sneakers vs. KFC Bucket. 2007/8 David Haines

These two pictures show two very different approaches to depicting movement. In Fig. 1. Osaka, Richard Hambleton shows movement through loose, blurry brush strokes and spattered paint while in Fig 2. David Haines uses the positioning of the figures and objects in space to show that things are moving. David Haines work is much more photographic depicting a frozen moment in time while Hambleton is attempting to show movement by the energy of his brush strokes as well as the shape of the running figure.