Part 4. Project 4. Exercise 2. Three Figure Drawings

Fig. 1. Seated figure. Charcoal on watercolour paper. A2.

I find charcoal useful for getting dark tones and very forgiving as it can be smudged and rubbed out easily.

Fig. 2. Reclining figure. Pastel on yellow sugar paper . A2

Fig. 2. For this drawing I tried to do something a bit different. I wanted to use the yellow of the paper as a mid tone but the blue I chose as a light tone was actually tonally darker than the paper so I then used some yellow pastel as a highlighter. I like the loose drawing style and the foreshortening and proportions are fairly accurate – I did a lot of measuring.

Fig. 3. Standing figure. 5h Pencil and oiled charcoal on A1 cartridge paper.

Fig. 3. took a remarkably long time to draw mainly because I couldn’t get the proportions of the head and arms right. I did a lot of underdrawing in pencil then overdrew quite quickly in oiled charcoal.  I was trying to keep the immediacy of a quick sketch while working to a larger scale  (A1) than I am used to.  I also wanted to work in line.  Generally, I am pleased with the result. Maybe it looks too sketchy though?