Part 4. Project 2. Exercise 1. Quick studies

Click on the image to see the caption. These drawings were made over a number of life drawing sessions. The life model would usually start with some short standing poses then some short not standing poses.

I find sometimes the drawing works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think it is a matter of practice. I like Fig. 5. which seems to have caught a tension and balance in the pose and Fig. 4. which has good proportions. I have cropped the drawings at the edges of the paper as I find positioning a figure and working to the size of the paper quite hard. For some reason this gets worse with the longer poses!

Quick studies 10
5 minutes. drawing pen and charcoal. I like the combination of media in this one.

Figures. 7, 8 & 9 are 10 minute poses in which I tried to create more of a feeling of form with tone and shading. I found Fig. 8. a more complicated pose so it took me longer to get the proportions as right as I could which left me less time to look at tone.

I actually prefer some of the shorter poses. When they go right, they have a fluidity that the longer poses lack. How can I keep this fluidity when I am drawing for longer?