Project 1. Exercise 1. Drawing fabric using line and tone

I enjoyed this exercise after the complexities of landscape. I used a dip pen and black ink to make a line drawing.  I like the way the ink blobs a bit which can be used to reflect darker areas of shadow.

Line drawing using dip pen and ink

To look at tone, I used turquoise ink and a brush. On one picture I also used masking fluid to make more detailed highlights.

Tonal drawing using brush and turquoise ink
Tonal drawing using brush and ink with masking fluid

I also did a tonal drawing on grey paper using oiled charcoal and yellow chalk pastel.

Oiled charcoal, yellow chalk pastel on grey paper

I enjoyed the opportunity to play around with some different materials while doing a fairly simple exercise.

I followed this with 6 short (6 minute) sketches of folds in a blanket using drawing pen, charcoal pencil, graphite and 4b pencil. It was a useful exercise to explore different media.