Research: Oil pastel techniques

I found the examples on You Tube a bit off-putting as I didn’t really like the finished pictures very much. There is a useful demonstration of some techniques here. I didn’t particularly like the finished picture but this demonstration shows that layering oil pastels is the way to go to create subtle colour and tonal variations. Maybe oil pastels simply have an intensity of colour that I don’t “see” when I look around me. Having said that, I did feel that my assignment 2 drawing could have done with more intense colour is some areas.

I looked for contemporary artists who use oil pastel. This is made harder by the fact that the medium is often listed as just “pastel”. For example:

Nevicata in blue (Blue snowfall)  by Chiara Crinition on is listed as: Drawing: Paper, pastel and pencil on paper. It looks like oil pastel to me and I really like the artist’s use of bold monochrome.

In Riedstra Project Zapp Notes III c Riedstraon uses “Charcoal, Ink, Conte and Pastel on Paper, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric) and Other. as their media. I think that the grey, orange and black lines in the centre of the piece are oil pastel which, here, lends itself to bold mark-making.


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