Reflection on tutor feedback on Assignment 2

I am pleased that the feedback on Assignment 2 recognises my strengths in drawing and the work I have done to look critically at my own and other artists’ work.

I completely agree that the main areas I can look to incorporate into my practice are:

  • exploring composition much more thoroughly before starting a piece through shifting perspectives, looking at tonal values, lighting, and relationships between objects.
  • through this, moving away from having centrally focused compositions and explore negative space, tonal values and creating a sense of space and also flattening space.
  • linking my research to my practice and taking research and my own reflections into future work

I will also:

  • analyse Pierre Bonnard’s work to look at composition and shifting viewpoints
  • read Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology. Rozsika Parker, Griselda Pollock, IB Tauris Ltd (reprint 2013)
  • put notes on my visit to “Flesh” at York Art Gallery on my blog

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