Assignment 2. Assessment Criteria.

In this piece I used material from a number of previous exercises to reach my final piece.

I enjoyed the monochrome still life of plants from Project 2. Exercise 4. I wanted to explore the idea of negative space further.


I also liked the tiny doll on the windowsill in my drawing for Project 3. Exercise 3. This gave a different feeling of scale to the drawing. This drawing also raised the issue of what a drawing is. Is this a drawing or a painting? I was finding that in working with colour I was focusing less on line and tone.

wp-image-6861431jpg.jpgIn deciding on the composition of my final piece I looked at all my work from the whole of Part 2. Intimacy.


All the work was very different in technique, materials and use of colour. I had wanted to do the monochrome still life with some colour so I tried this out in my sketch book, but I found the drawing dull.


I remembered the effect of the little doll on the windowsill and put this into my next sketch. I also used gel pens and inktense pencils in the sketch to try to force myself into being more experimental and using a drawing rather than painterly style.


I liked the oddness of the group and the scale.

For my final piece I used a viewfinder and decided to use this basic composition but focus in on the scene. This is an A2 drawing using graphite, Inktense pencils and gel pens.


Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills.

I have attempted to use a variety of materials and techniques to reflect the nature of the materials in the composition. The flower petals are smudged graphite and eraser, on the doll I used gel pens and cross-hatching. There is some use of water on Inktense pencil on the bowl, flower pot, succulent and pink flower petals, to give them a more flowing appearance. The rough flower pot has colour pencil line and the background has an intense scribbled line.

The drawing is almost accurate. The top of the flower pot was a bit fudged, the doll is a bit further from the plant pot than in the composition and one of the petals on the flower facing us is a bit wide.

The composition leads the eye around in a circle however, there is no depth to it and it might have been interesting to play around with the positioning of the two pots and the doll a bit more before committing to the final piece.

The colours are accurate and go well together.

The background is not quite as intense as I’d hoped. I like the shape of the negative space and wanted to use water on the pencils to create a rich dark background but after I started drawing I realised the cartridge paper I was using wouldn’t support a lot of water without buckling. This was an error due to lack of experience in using this medium.

Quality of outcome Рcontent, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas.

I like the final picture. I like its slight oddness with the obliviously smiling little figure and the two large plants which seem to be having a conversation. I feel it pulls together a lot of the work I have done on Project 2 and it is satisfying to see my drawings and research into other artists come together in this drawing.

Demonstration of creativity – imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice.

I think I have made an original piece of work which has built on my previous drawings and sketches. I have used different media although I am still very much a novice with these media. There is a hint of something going on in the picture – even I am not sure what this is – but I like the element of a story going on.

Context reflection – research, critical thinking.

Throughout ‘Part two – Intimacy’ I have found the exercises and research points interesting and challenging. I have attempted to reflect on my learning in my learning log.

I was struck by Gary Hume and Peter Doig’s use of negative space. I also found Winifred Nicholson’s use of light in her flower paintings came to mind long after I viewed the exhibition of her work at MIMA.


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