Assignment 2. Final piece.


I used Inktense crayons, graphite pencil and gel pens. I decided to draw my arrangement much more closely cropped than my previous sketches with the aim of balancing the negative space with the surrounding objects.

The whole drawing, which took 5 hours, was a series of on the hoof decisions about which media to use. I realised when I added water to the Inktense pencils that the cartridge paper was buckling. I had intended to use water on the background but this issue meant I used colour pencil without water on the background although I used a little water on the succulent, the pink flower sepals and the turquoise bowl.

Overall, I like the oddity of the arrangement with the strange little doll between two enormous (compared to him) plants. I used graphite for the petals of the orchid which worked and I liked the way I could use an eraser to make the highlights on the petals. I like the way the composition leads your eye around the picture and the strong negative shape behind the arrangement.

Before I send this off to my tutor I plan to fill in the background at the top and make the doll’s hands clearer. I’m also going to look again at the tones on the doll as it seems a bit flat.  

I have learned to select the correct paper for water-based media!


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