Assignment 2. Preliminary sketches 

I’ve found it tough to focus down on a particular subject and technique. I feel like this topic has thrown everything wide open in terms of materials to use. I’ve spent a good few sessions not getting very far.

I took a look at all the work I’ve done so far. There is no connection or continuity between my work for each exercise which is interesting. I have also been considering the difference between drawing and painting. I think that although I enjoyed using pastels they were taking me away from focusing on mark-making towards a more painterly approach. I concluded that I haven’t yet gotto grips with using colour as a line.
I wondered if I could build on the monochrome still life I did for Still life. Exercise 4.

I like the negative space between the two plants and I wanted to explore using colour.

I started doing some sketches. I thought this one was a bit dull. 

One thing I liked from my interior drawing was the tiny playmobil doll on the window sill which gave an unusual feeling of scale to the picture.

I wondered what the doll would look like in my still life.

I think this is an interesting image.  I’m not sure if the background works although I like the weird, night time look it gives to the picture.

That’s where I’m up to so far. I’ll continue to sketch & explore this idea.


3 thoughts on “Assignment 2. Preliminary sketches ”

  1. Must admit I have a real problem with keeping to what is my idea of drawing too. I’m much happier with a brush and paint. However, I’m sure we’re being encouraged to interpret drawing pretty widely, and I think all the drawings above have potential to take further… Which one did you actually enjoy most? Maybe that could be a starting point…

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    1. I’m finding the whole process of deciding what to take forward really interesting. I’m not sure there’s one I enjoyed more but I do find working with pastels and pencil easier than ink but some of my stronger or at least more interesting pieces come when I am trying to do an exercise outside my comfort zone.


      1. Hey! You’ve got a comfort zone! That’s a great place to venture out of occasionally, and then you really can do something special! Hope you continue to have lots of success…


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