Experimental sketches 

I have an ongoing drawing project looking at the daily clutter which builds up on our hall/dining table. I was finding it hard to sketch the whole table every day. My daughter was looking through some old interiors magazines for a school project and I thought it would be interesting to insert my sketches into the idealised pictures.

I’ve translated my scribble in the captions.

I like the idea of using idealised images from magazines and drawing what’s on my table onto them.
ballpoint pen. I quite like leaving the text from the magazine in. Does the drawing work as a line drawing – like a ghost – or would it be better to make it more substantial?
top: oil pastel. Doesn’t stay on paper – quite ghostly bottom: sharpies. I like the overwhelming mess. Sharpies are difficult to draw over so there is no definition
top: works quite well because of the plain background         bottom: drawn on paper then cut out and pasted onto the picture. I quite like the messy monochrome intrusion into perfect picture





4 thoughts on “Experimental sketches ”

  1. Very interesting! I think good art is one that makes us ask questions: of the world around us, of images, of ourselves. This does all that! (My husband always laments the fact that every horizontal in our house is seemingly a place to dump things – from school bags to dog bones to art stuff!)

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