Response to feedback on Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Feedback is a comprehensive look at how I tackled my first assignment. As I work through Assignment 2 I will be attempting to incorporate this feedback in 4 main areas.

  1. Set my intention for an exercise. Find out where my interest is.
  2. Use prep sketches to look at how I can use tone, composition, etc. to express this intention
  3. Analyse what went well and why as well as areas of improvement. Try to take this into the next exercise/assignment.
  4. Continue research using recommended articles/resources

The feedback points out that I focus on the areas that I think need improvement rather than the areas where I am working well so I’ll round up the areas I’m working well first, then go on to areas I will be focusing on improving.

Areas I am working well

  • asking questions as I go on
  • good beginnings at experimenting with approaches, media and techniques
  • reflecting on observation and acquiring drawing skills
  • bringing in personal aims and ideas outside course material
  • learning from exercises
  • using thumbnail compositions to make quick, informed decisions
  • learning about composition from research and practice
  • Assignment 1 drawing contained: “some well-observed, sensitive mark-making across the jar and brushes and a subtle and simple approach to the ring and shell.”
  • “You have approached the assignment with thought and consideration with regard to choice of media, selection of objects in relation to your research and reflections on vanitas genre and also a personal narrative content.”
  • Good use of sketchbook to make prep drawings
  • Continue the succinct yet useful notations alongside prep drawings
  • Using my blog to reflect on my research

Areas to focus on improving

  • regular practice and exploration of techniques
  • look at tonal values during preparatory sketches
  • attempt to solve problems I find in my work, take that forward into planning work for the next exercise.
  • look at what works as well as what doesn’t
  • Expand upon sketchbook prep work by setting my own specific aims for the assignment. Draw in series – for example: 6-8 thumbnails to explore composition, tonal values and negative space; 4-6 thumbnails to explore how the object/subject sits or fills the page; 6-8 small loose drawings to explore mark-making qualities in relation to lighting/tonal qualities
  • Use the constructively critical way I approach others work in my analysis of my own work. See OCA study guide “Looking at Artists”
  • set some intentions and aims for my own work. Ask broad questions about my intentions when beginning a drawing and ask similar questions when looking at others work.
  • Harvard reference all research

Suggested reading/viewing

Context  Research through current and past exhibitions.  Red Drawing Papers no: 128 Cecily Brown’s Rehearsal and Paper : 117 on ‘Small’ are good starting points.

‘FOUND’ Cornelia Parker curated exhibition ( Aug – Sept 2016) at The Foundling Museum.

Pointers for the next assignment

  • Reflect and act on the suggestions and recommendations throughout the feedback.
  • Set yourself some specific aims to apply to your own drawings.
  • Reflect upon both what works / what doesn’t work in equal measure- then set some aims to develop and enhance both aspects.
  • Expand upon the preparatory drawings: work across a number of thumbnail sketches to explore tonal values, relationship between object / subject and negative space, mark-making qualities (in addition to composition).
  • Suggested reading / viewing (as above) and reflect on these on your blog.

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