Jonathan Bachman image from Black Lives Matter protest in New Orleans


I was struck by this image. It has an immense power. I am interested in working out how the image communicates that power.

The immediate feeling is of a frozen moment in time centred around the upright and calm stillness of the protester Iesha Evans. She is wearing a flowing, long dress which exposes her arms, back and legs. She looks like a goddess in classical art. The contrast with the heavily armoured police officers is striking. They are caught in mid-movement but almost seem to be pushed away by her force.

Behind the officers is a line of identically dressed officers while behind the protester is an open grassy area where people sit or stand and observe.

Between the two officers and the protester there is a crack in the road. The officers carry handcuffs and batons while she wears jewellery and has a patterned dress and shoes. She is holding her phone. I love the fact she is wearing glasses – to see clearly. 


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