Part 2. Project 2. Exercise 1. Still life using line.


For this piece I tried to draw using no tone at all, just surface texture and shape. I also tried not to outline the object but to express its shape using the pattern of its surface. It was quite good fun as an exercise but I’m not sure if there is any advantage to drawing in this way. It was too frustrating not being able to use tone.

I also changed the angle from the last few drawings – looking down on the arrangement gave more of a view of the grain of the wooden objects.  I changed the view of the arrangement to the side of the tray which I think makes it more dynamic than the front. I also used a dip pen and ink rather than a drawing pen which gives the drawing a rougher finish. Using a dip pen is closer to painting than using a pen.



5 thoughts on “Part 2. Project 2. Exercise 1. Still life using line.”

  1. Don’t rely on me. I am learning too. But it doesn’t looked finished. And they tell us to experiment. I often crop things. It makes the paper size smaller but I dont think that matters too much. Good marks though. Or how about an ink wash?


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