Interim feedback from Tutor Cheryl Huntbach

I have received some useful interim feedback from my tutor Cheryl Huntbach based on my blog.

Hi Emma

It certainly looks like you’re on track for submitting on 1st.  You’ve made a good start to Drawing 1 by developing a useful flow between exploring the exercises, reflecting on what works / what doesn’t and researching as you progress.  You are also initiating your own strategies to explore opportunities to practice what you’re learning and generate your own ideas: table for temporary still-lifes.  You’re developing a sense of autonomy alongside following the coursework structure- great to see.
EW: This is great to know. Thanks! I have actually let my daily table drawings go while I focused on Assignment 1. I’ll do it more often.
Joanne has given you some thorough feedback (with useful links), which I concur with. I recommend that you re-visit each point she’s made and try to respond to each one. I suggest you make your own bullet points as actions and also reflect on each afterwards.  I can see that you have responded to some of these already.  Do follow-up on the others, as this is valuable, useful feedback to learn from.
EW: This is useful advice. I’ll go through Joanne’s feedback again
Take time to reflect on the points she makes regarding what you’re doing well  (in addition to aspects that need to be developed).  Critical reflection is as much about acknowledging, confirming and developing what you’re doing well, as about recognising and developing what isn’t working.
EW: That’s interesting. It’s easy to only focus on where you can improve not where you are already doing well. Thank you.
I’ll leave further feedback to when I’ve received your portfolio.  I recommend that you read through pages7 – 9 and page 27 of the course pdf:
EW: I have re-read these pages and will do a self-assessment before sending my work off.
To do:
  • Revisit Joanne Mulivihill- Allen’s feedback and respond.
  • Continue with my own table drawings
  • Write self assessment for Assignment 1.

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