Research – Giorgio Morandi 11/10/16


‘Natura Morta’, oil on canvas painting by Giorgio Morandi, 1956, private collection

I enjoy the quietness of Morandi’s compositions and the relationships between the vases. This composition is very central which confuses me. Is it a good composition? The objects are very close together. The image is plain and uncompromising but clearly arranged.

Giorgio Morandi ‘Still Life’, 1946© DACS, 2016
Still Life 1946. Tate

This also has a very central composition which is quite triangular. I do think it is beautiful. The green background and the pink, yellow and red on the objects make it feel considered. There is interesting space between the objects. The shadows also create shapes which are not object shapes. The Tate’s website says the oil paint was applied: “with lively brushstrokes” so although the image is calm, it is also energetic. The Tate’s description of this picture is here.


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