Study visit – South Square Centre, Bradford. 1/10/16

OCA tutor Cheryl Huntbach and curator Yvonne Carmichael took us round the exhibition: “STEAM Ahead” featuring the work of Cheryl as well as artists Fiona Grady and Rachel Barron. Yvonne outlined the work of South Square describing it as a good space for artists to try things out. The centre is used by a mixture of groups including an antiquarian society and it is also a community centre so the audience for exhibitions is very varied.

Rachel Barron

Rachel designed stampers based on patterns in the building – arches, circles, rectangles. Visitors can use these to make their own artworks. There is a strong design element to her work. Her work can be seen at

Fiona Grady

In Fiona Grady’s work, she repeats a sequence of circles drawn with a compass on the wall.

Cheryl Huntbach

It was great to be able to talk to Cheryl about her work. She made a series of drawings – done by spending 7 minutes a day drawing – from her window of the same branch. This then led to a series of images created with a 3-D pen which were hung in the gallery. It was interesting to learn about the importance of process in her work and setting up a system with boundaries.

We followed the tour with a drawing workshop which consisted of a series of 7 minute drawings of a still life. We used sticks and ink which pushed us to be more expressive and less precise in our work. As we looked at the same part of the still life each time it let us get to know the forms and I found myself concentrating more on the negative space and simplifying in the later drawings. I found it useful to draw the same thing repeatedly which helped me get to know the subject better.






During the workshop we discussed useful research areas including:

Michel Petry ‘Nature Morte: Contemporary artists reinvigorate the still life tradition Thames & Hudson 2013
William Kentridge

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